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    Have you seen a current advertisement offering a sale price for one of our trips?
    Please call us directly and we’ll better the price!

    Judy for booking at (503) 984-3437, or

    Willy at the Lunker Line to talk about all your fishing dreams. (425) 533-1785


    Our customers who have fished all over the world say these have been the best trips they have ever been on.

    • On one of my guide trips, my customer Bob Edwards, a millionaire from Canada, caught a 65-pound King salmon for the first cast of the day on the Trask River with his fly rod. It took him over 45 minutes to reel it in! He said he never caught fish like this even in Alaska and was so happy that he gave me a very large tip.

    • Rex Infanger: Newspaper reporter for “The Herald” in Provo Utah. Went sturgeon fishing on the Columbia River in February with another friend, Ed McMahon. With the headline, “Sturgeon fishing trip fun. We were using custom graphite rods made by Lamiglass. We caught a lot of fish and kept some, tasted like chicken. Several times during the day flocks of geese would appear over head and serenade us as they flew by.” He said, “This trip was an experience I will remember for the rest of my life.”

    • Edward Klima: Ph. D. Laboratory Director U.S. Department of Commerce, NOAA and National Marine Fisheries Service in Galveston, TX. He states, “As usual I enjoyed my fishing trip very much and we always have a great time. I tell all my friends about how we catch a lot of BIG KING SALMON every time we go out. Rick said he had the two salmon we caught taken to the fish market to be processed and they each weighed over 70 pounds. It’s well worth the trip to go with you. Looking forward to seeing you again. Sincerely, Edward F. Klima.”

    • James Watts Writes: “Dear Will, I just wanted to let you know that my brothers and I really enjoyed our fishing trip with you. It was the first time we had seen each other in over 65 years. What a great reunion it was for us to get reunited after all these years! I did not think it was possible to fish the Willamette River all day long and not see other fishermen and still catch so many fish. Thank you for showing us a great time.”

    • Richard Pinto in Hawaii says: “Hi Willy, My son in-law and I had fantastic time fishing with you on the Columbia River for Salmon. This was by far the best fishing we have had since coming to the mainland. Even though we caught a lot of fish and you showed us a good time, it still does not compare to the fishing we do here. But we would do it again! I will be sure to tell all my friends about your guide service. Let us know when the fishing gets good again. Thanks, Willy.”


    • John Reed says: “I would like to extend a recommendation to anyone who is in a great fishing adventure. I have had the privilege of acquiring the services of “A Better Catch Guide Service” (ABCGS) here in the Willamette Valley. On the occasions I have gone out with my guide “Willy” I have come away with a wealth of knowledge about salmon fishing. I hired ABCGS because I wanted to learn not only how to catch fish, but to learn the techniques involved in being a successful salmon fisherman. I sure got that and more! So many guides I have talked to are not interested in teaching you anything; in fact some actually keep their techniques under lock and key, I had one guide quickly snap at me because I was exposing my rigging to another fisherman while casting. Since my trips with Willy I have become a much better fisherman. I enjoy it and my boat much more now than I ever thought possible. I highly recommend this outstanding guide service to anyone who wants to land fish and have great fun while learning more than you would have thought possible. I am looking forward to going out with Willie again when the steelhead start coming in strong along the Clackamas River. Why not partner up with some friends (or with me if you need a second) and give Willy a call for one great time fishing these spectacular fish! I enthusiastically recommend him!”



    There are many other references that can testify to the unbelievably fun trips we have taken clients on such as:

    • Movie actor/producer Jonathan Goldsmith and some of his cast from the hit T.V. show Dynasty.
    • Steve Capka: Well known radio fishing and sports show host of “Fishing Northwest & Fishing Facts Commentary.
    • Rick Metzger: Oregon State Senator and formerly KOIN T.V. Sports news reporter.
    • Paul Nicholsen T.V. show host for “The Oregon Angler”.
    • Steve Alf: President of “The Association of N.W. Steel headers.
    • Doug Rasmussen: Board of Directors for the hunting organization Safari Club International Northwest.
    • Katsumi Kiuchi: President of HASEKO (U.S.A.) Corporation- World Trade Center. The list can go on and on!
    Call ANYTIME for reservations or even just information.

    Lunker line:425-533-1785 "White Water" Willy

    You can also e-mail: wrayfox@gmail.com


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