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    Have you seen a current advertisement offering a sale price for one of our trips?
    Please call us directly and we’ll better the price!

    Judy for booking at (503) 984-3437, or

    Willy at the Lunker Line to talk about all your fishing dreams. (425) 533-1785

    Schedule and Preparation

    “WE OFFER MONEY BACK” to our customers for any catch & release of hatchery salmon and steelhead other then wild fish which is stated by law or keeper size sturgeon to protect the runs for future generations.


    Here is our complete schedule:


    Fall Chinook and COHO Salmon Season

    August – November
    Willamette, Clackamas, Sandy, Trask, Wilson, Nehalem,

    and Nestucca Rivers

    Fish the Columbia River, which has the longest run of salmon in Oregon. Chinook of 50 pounds are taken yearly! Tillamook Bay offers some of the best fall Chinook around. Also known as “Kings”, “hogs”, or “Slabs”, a trophy and definitely worth a long time to reel in, they make long tackle-tearing runs and are powerful enough to smoke fishing reels and occasionally one’s thumbs. Why pay big bucks to go to Alaska to catch these fish?

    Some of the finest fishing to be had!


    While at the coast, be sure to stop at one of the best Italian restaurants around: "TheTaste of Tuscany." Tell them Whitewater Willy sent you!



    April – October and January
    Columbia, Willamette, and John Day Rivers 
    Cullaby, Siltcoos, and TahKanitch Lakes

    Pound for pound, BASS are about the scrappiest fish there are. A large variety of techniques to catch both large- and small-mouth bass will be taught by your guide, Whitewater Willy. Taking a bit more skill, you may have to cast into weed beds and brush, behind logs, or in rocky areas. It does take practice to get the hang of having fun catching bass, but you’re always busy casting!


    SHAD are a lot of fun to catch using light tackle, especially for keeping younger ones happy and satisfied. They enjoy fishing with guides from A Better Catch Guide Service. Get them hooked on fishing, not drugs. Young ones will definitely remember SHAD trips because they can catch so many more!


    Oregon now provides some the best and biggest WALLEYE fishing in the nation. Walleye were introduced to the Columbia River several years ago, and it’s now a first-class river for catching a lot of large fish. The next world-record WALLEYE could be caught here. Give it a try! It could be you! People come from all over country to catch these big WALLEYES. The bag limit for WALLEYE is 12.



    Oversized STURGEON

    May – July, October – November

    (the Best)

    All Sizes of STURGEON Year-Round!


    Many fish stories have been told about these fish. In the old days, STURGEON was noted for pulling donkeys or tractors into rivers. Reaching up to 20 feet in length, you’ll be reeling in a big one for a long time! What a battle! These prehistoric monsters (Ancipenser Transmontanus –The White Sturgeon) are the only ones that can make customers complain that the fish they caught are TOO BIG! Our guides have caught STURGEON 12 feet long, and some too big to reel in off the bottom of the river, weighing over 1000 pounds! Can you handle it?! ! ? !



    December – February

    Willamette, Clackamas, Sandy, Trask, Wilson, Nehalem & Nestucca Rivers


    A perfect time of year to fish because the waters are less crowded! Also a good time to give some (fresh-smoked) fish to your friends! The winter season usually provides larger average STEELHEAD than the summer run STEELHEAD. A Better Catch Guide Service has taken several fish over 25 pounds. Remember, Whitewater Willy has heated boats!


    Spring Chinook and Summer Steelhead

    February – October

    Columbia, Willamette, Sandy, Clackamas, Santiam and Coastal Rivers


    The Clackamas and Sandy Rivers offer some truly fine steelhead and salmon fishing! Just minutes from Downtown Portland, we’re catching 40-pound fish! Feast your eyes and your appetites on these beauties.


    Fun to catch, spring Chinook are the best for eating. The February through October season allows for more varied ways to catch than the Fall Chinook season, and the Clackamas River is the top producer in the state. Hang on tight to your rod to fight these aggressive Summer Steelhead. They can rocket out of the water like missiles and make long runs to test your skills.

    Filming a TV show in early February on the Willamette River, your guide, Whitewater Willy, caught a 17.5-pound Chinook—the largest ever! What a hard fight that was!


    TROUT – Year-Round Fishing!


    Lakes – Pauline, Eastlake, Crane Prairie reservoir, Green Peter

    Nestucca River


    TROUT fishing is also a good way for kids to learn HOW TO FISH. Kids and adults alike can have fun catching rainbow, brown, KoKanee and cutthroat TROUT. These fish are especially fun to catch on light tackle. It’s so good to see the excitement on kids’ faces when they catch a fish for the first time. They just can’t stop fishing!


    Depending on the areas we fish, prices are subject to change . . .


    Each year I donate time to be with kids on National Fishing Day, whether at a lake or stream teaching them to fish and have fun.



    Be prepared. This is a short list of things to bring:

    • The proper clothing is important. Dress warmly. Remember you can always shed clothes if needed.
    • We sometimes use chest waders and waterproof boots.
    • Bring a camera and sun block ! 
    Call ANYTIME for reservations or even just information.

    Lunker line:425-533-1785 "White Water" Willy

    You can also e-mail: wrayfox@gmail.com


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