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          Again, I want to thank all of you who have signed up for my monthly newsletter, and I hope you are enjoying reading it. It is getting closer to the time all of you have been waiting for-The springers are coming in. I received a factual report that there were 13 Spring Chinook salmon caught at Oregon City a couple of days ago. Of course it is early yet but I still think we’re going to have a good season, as the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) is forecasting. We are taking early bookings for these fishing trips. Just to thank all of you for reading my newsletter, I am offering a 30% discount on my full 8-hour day trips, which is a big savings from my normal price of $175.00. These trips will be going for a price of just $122.50 per person with a minimum of a 2-person booking. To receive this great value, please sign up quickly to reserve a spot on my boat! Since this is one of our busiest times of the year, this offer will expire by March 22, 2012.

The water temperatures on the Columbia River have been considerably colder than on the Willamette River, which is causing more fish to be caught on the Willamette River system. Once the water temperatures go up another 10+ degrees or so, fishing should be at its best. For you drift boaters and bank fishermen, I also got a report yesterday from some pretty avid Tillamook steelhead fishermen who have told me that they are still having some very good success catching lots of steelhead. The Tillamook Herald just printed an article of a 24-pound steelhead caught in the Wilson River. Fishermen at the coast have told me that the Little Nestucca River is doing well and slightly better than the Big Nestucca. Anyhow, it is worth the trip to head to the coast for the ironheads. The Sandy and Clackamas Rivers seem to be pumping a fair amount of steelhead daily.

In Washington, anglers can do freshwater fishing at some local lakes. Lake Sammamish and Lake Washington are good areas to fish for some cutthroat trout, perch and bass. Fishing these lakes and others should get better in later March when the water temperatures increase and the fish move into shallower depths. Honest professional guides who work with us in Washington and Alaska can make your trips very enjoyable for salmon, trout and steelhead. Just give us a call for more information.

Joining either of these organizations or both and being an active member can benefit all. At these meetings, you have the association with other fellow fishermen who have plenty of fish stories to tell you. Quite often, someone at these meeting is looking for a fishing buddy to go with. You can learn much about fishing at these meetings with guest guides and other people in the fishing industry willing to share their ideas and techniques. There are a lot of fun things to do at these meetings for young and old or as a family. I am so glad to be a member of both organizations, as they do a lot of good things to help us as sports fishermen. Years ago, I started with the Association of N.W. Steelheaders before I became a guide. I’m glad to be a member yet today. The cost to join is minimal or you can go to the meetings as a guest and tell them Pro-guide Whitewater Willy sent you. Call for more details or directions: Contact Karen Dodds with Fish First at (360) 723-0901 or email, or you may contact Russ Bassett with the Association of N.W. Steelheaders office at (503) 653-4176 or email for meeting places closest to you.

Fishing Tip: Here are just a few basic fishing tips I can give you:

First, if you’re using bait make sure it’s fresh. Try and match the hatch with whatever the fish are feeding on at that particular time.  My father, who was a very good fisherman, had a saying that you can feed the fish better then you can fool them. If the fishing is good, then resort to artificial baits and lures. Keep in mind to wash your hands with non-scented soap or use latex gloves before handling your bait. A fish can smell 6,000 times better then a human. Remember you want to be fishing at a depth where the fish are and that most fish can see up but not down. Some fish are bottom feeders such as sturgeon that have relatively small eyes for the size of their bodies and rely mostly on smell. You can enhance your catch by using fish scents or the old WD-40 on your baits for more attractant. Secondly, the best overall color of lure to use in any water condition is green; in bright sunny days I prefer to use gold bladed spinners, and in muddy water conditions I use darker-colored lures such as black. I have seen many fish lost because of improperly maintained tackle; check your lines for any frays both on your mainline and leaders. Tie good knots and most importantly, keep your hook sharp. Maintain your rod and reel and see that they are in good working order at all times. Lastly, if catching is slow for you and other people around you are having better success than you, notice or ask them what they are using and hopefully, if they’re really nice about it they will tell you the truth! One more thing if all else fails and catching is really slow, don’t be afraid to experiment and try something totally off-the-wall. There have been a few times when the fishing was really, really, really poor and we decided to try something totally new and different that worked great for us. If other fishermen had seen what we were using they would still be laughing at us. Later, other people saw us catching a lot of fish and hadn’t had a bite. They begged us to tell them what we were using. To go along with what I just mentioned, all of these other ideas that work to catch fish someone at one time already has used to try to try their own chance at something different.

“Fisherman Bloopers”
Some time ago I was fishing with my old buddy Mike for salmon and steelhead. It was very early in the morning. We were fishing out of his boat. I was going to be using one of one of my special spinners and casting and retrieving it slowly. I had just sharpened up my treble hook since I am a firm believer in using good sharp hooks. My hook was RAZOR SHARP. Before I could make my first cast of the morning Mike asked me to get his thermos for him in the front of his boat. So nice gut that I am, I sat my rod down to get Mike his thermos. I handed Mike his thermos, and with a reply of thanks I began to make my first cast of the morning. It was a beautiful sunny day out on the river. After making several casts that first hour I had the first bite of the morning. I set the hook as hard as I could, I didn’t want to lose that fish. In fact, I set the hook so hard I just about fell out of his boat. And wouldn’t you know it there was nothing on the end of my rod, “no fish”. So I didn’t think much of it, I just didn’t hook that fish. My fishing buddy Mike said to me you had better check your hooks. Well like I said, I knew my hook was super sharp. So I kept on fishing until about another hour or more went by and I got another bite. So once again, I set the hook on that fish and there was nothing there. I set the hook so hard on that fish Mike said I should have at least come up with a set of dentures. Mike said (with a smile on his face) that I had better check my hooks.

     So this time I took his advice. Well, when had I been a nice guy and had gotten Mike his thermos he had taken his fishing pliers out of his tackle box without me seeing him do so. My good old buddy had cut the barbs off the hook of my spinner. Thanks to him I lost 3 salmon that morning. Anyhow I didn’t get mad. You know me-I just got even.

     We often spent some time traveling from fishing hole to fishing hole on the Clackamas River fishing for summer steelhead. Mike had an old Chevy van, a little 2 seater; well, while he was driving from hole to hole, at times there were 3 of us guys fishing together. So being mister nice guy, I volunteered to ride in the back of his van where the fishing rods were. When Mike wasn’t looking, I took my file out and filed the points off his fishing hook. Throughout the day, Mike had set that hook on many fish before figuring out what I had done. He had finally learned his lesson! Oh well, you know what they say about fishermen-it’s just one jerk waiting for another.

“Free Fishing Event-Don’t Miss it”


Pre-Free fishing Weekend…Weekend Event

       Don’t miss coming to this free event! Thanks to A Better Catch Guide Service, the Association of Northwest Steelheaders and Bi-Mart Stores, Professional Guide Whitewater Willy will be hosting this very special event to teach and prepare people of all ages how to catch fish of all kinds on NATIONAL FISHING DAY. We will have experts in all types of fishing giving seminars such as Jim Teeny, Dick Sagara, Willy Fox, Captain Rick Zac and other guides. Also: Clem with Oregon Trail season along with Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) with their Fish Education Program and Fish Tanks, The Sherriff’s Department doing a seminar on boating safety and boat inspections, Pavati Boats and last but not least famous radio show host “Streamside Steve the Friendly Fisherman and his faithful rod”… ROD will be present!

            Booths for the public: Go through and learn the hands-on BASICS OF FISHING. Many prizes and lots of FUN things to do! The EVENT will take place at Woodburn Bi-Mart store on Friday, June 1, 2012, 3pm to 8pm, and at Newberg Bi-Mart store on Saturday, June 2, 2012, 10am to 6pm. TV and Radio Stations on board!

We want to thank the rest of our sponsors for making this event happen: Clem-Oregon trail Seasonings, Pro-cure, Hubbard Chevrolet, R&R Ventures, Jim Teeny Inc., Pavati Boats, Sportsman Marine Service, Evinrude BRP, Brads Tackle, Stikitz Products, Dick Nite Lures, Portland Marine Electronics, TFO Rods, Watertime Outfitters and Bob’s Sporting Goods.  We will keep you up to date with more information in our future newsletters.   

For more information call Willy at (425) 533-1785 or Russ at (503) 653-4176. If you would like to become a sponsor just call us.

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