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    Fishing Articles

    Boating Etiquette

    No matter what kind of boat you may have, be courteous and try not to clog up traffic at boat ramps and fueling areas. Load and unload your boat before you approach the boat ramps. This will save much time and you won't make enemies. If you can help someone launch his/her boat or help that person to tie up at the docks, you have made a friend. Get in and out as quickly as you can.Click here for more


    Fisherman's Bloopers - Sturgeon

    It's finally time to let the cat out of the bag... speaking of sturgeon fishing. Back in 1984 when I first started guiding, the smelt run was very good on the Columbia River. The sturgeon fishing that year was also excellent. The sturgeon had followed the smelt runs up river from the ocean. Click here for more


    Scents For Fishing

    Fish do have a very great sense of smell, in fact it has been said that a sense of smell is six thousand times better than a human. Some fish such as Sturgeon have very poor eyesight, and find their food mostly by smell. Old timer’s have been using WD-40 on their bait for years. It is a very good idea-to “Match the Hatch” while fishing for Sturgeon or any other fish.Click here for more


    Suicidal Coho

    Just a few years ago a really good fisherman I know, Mr. Rathbun, was fishing at the mouth of the Columbia River in Oregon with a few of his friends. This river feeds into the ocean and is one of the top-producing salmon fisheries along the Pacific Coast. He had been fishing for Coho salmon, and the bite was off that day. Not many fish had been caught by any of the thousands of fishermen out on the water that nice, sunny day. As I said, I wouldn't want my long- time fishing buddy to know I'm saying good things about him, but he is an excellent fisherman. He was trying everything he could think of to get one of these bright chrome pink-meat fish to bite his hook.Click here for more


    The Mad Russian

    Several years ago one of my clients was from Russia. I won’t try to mention his name, but he was a professional race car driver and was nick-named “The Mad Russian”. When he first came over to this country he decided to buy himself a nice boat. He has always been a hard core fisherman. So anyhow, he shopped around and bought himself a Blue Water boat.Click here for more


    The Story on Steve's Banana Myth

    Bananas! A crescent shaped yellow fruit. Who would think these edible, delectable fruits could give Captains such a fit aboard a vessel. Not these potassium rich, vitamin enriched fruits. A fruit that has become the weekend warriors best friend to help prevent cramps and over exertion. What could possibly be wrong with such a fantastic snack?Click here for more

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