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    The Story on Steve's Banana Myth

    Bananas! A crescent shaped yellow fruit. Who would think these edible, delectable fruits could give Captains such a fit aboard a vessel. Not these potassium rich, vitamin enriched fruits. A fruit that has become the weekend warriors best friend to help prevent cramps and over exertion. What could possibly be wrong with such a fantastic snack?

    In years past, worldwide maritime superstitions have led some to believe that the banana at sea can be detrimental to life and property. Today, and the most of the latter part of the twentieth century they are just considered bad luck. This superstition is carried on mostly by marlin fishermen who believe that a banana on board will jinx the vessel and anything that could go wrong will go wrong. From Boston to the south end of South America, Australia westward to Kona, Hawaii, talk with any of these fishermen and you will find that bananas are not allowed on their boats. Retrieved from Full Net Charters

    Here in the United States the same applies today.  I personally think the myth is a bunch of hog wash and I do not believe in superstitions. Especially since there are companies out there making banana fish scents! Along the same lines you may want to ask yourself, “How many people have caught salmon over the years using banana sinkers above their bait? Millions!” Some guides take their fishing very seriously and absolutely do not allow bananas on their boats. Take my good fishing buddy Steve, whom I believe is a very sensible person. Back in the day, he was one of those serious guides. But even now, he won’t go out on my boat if he sees any sign aboard of a banana, not even banana bread, especially due to the cost of fishing nowadays. Steve has threatened never to go with me again if someone brings aboard a banana.


    Steve really knows his stuff when it comes to fishing. After all, when he was guiding, he had his own radio show--the top fishing show in the country for a long time. Actually, we first met when I was his guest on Inside the Outdoors. Steve loved the taste of good, fresh salmon, but got on a real losing streak for quite awhile.  He was almost ready to give up salmon fishing altogether, so I kept trying to convince him to keep hanging in there. Many fishermen at one time or another have their same slumps. One of our first trips of that year’s salmon season, the weather was nice any sunny. About mid-day, Steve had dozed off with his fishing rod in his hands.  Much to his surprise, when he woke up, he saw that one of my customers had placed a banana peel across his fishing reel while we were trolling. He was so shocked, he almost sky-rocketed out of the boat. He was furious. The other customers were laughing so hard that they were just about rolling around in the bottom of my boat. I didn’t think they would ever stop laughing. Steve’s face was turning bright red and believe me, it wasn’t a sun burn.  That trip almost ended our friendship. I told Steve I was sorry (while holding back a grin on my face) and that I would try and not let this happen again.


    So, the next salmon trip he went on with me, we had been fishing a while, and again, everyone was hooking fish but Steve. Then Steve decided to go to the front of the boat to detain himself. While he was busy, his rod went down. He couldn’t get to his rod in time so, since I was the closest one to it, I set the hook for him. That was a very heavy fish, I told him, but unfortunately the fish got off. Steve was a bit upset about not catching that fish. The next trip he went out on with me the same thing happened again, but this time I told Steve I wasn’t going to touch his rod, which was ok with him. So this time when he was being detained in the front of the boat, one of my customers grabbed his rod and had it on for a short time. Steve finally got to his rod and, as the rod was being handed over to him the fish came off. I told Steve three strikes and you’re out. Steve understood what I meant since he was a pro-baseball player at one time. By now Steve was really getting upset--as I said Steve is a very good fisherman and hadn’t landed a salmon in quite a while, so he was on a real losing streak. He told me he thought he was a “has-been” fisherman and was ready to give up salmon fishing.


    I convinced Steve to try to catch salmon again with me, and do you remember how superstitious he is? A customer had a big bunch of bananas on the boat that Steve didn’t know about. Can you believe it? He finally caught a nice big king salmon! We had proven the banana myth wrong to Steve and to all those fishermen out there who will not have bananas on their boats. We sure have proved this to be wrong!  We have had many bananas brought aboard my boat since then and have caught lots of big fish. Steve now is on a winning streak. This 2011 salmon season was one of our best ever! Almost all the customers that went out fishing with A Better Catch Guide Service said they had such a great time and hooked such a lot of fish that they were anxious to go out again. So is Steve!


    These and many other stories will be continued at a later time, so keep checking back with us. More stories to follow on www.abettercatch.com.
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