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    The Mad Russian by Whitewater Willy

    Several years ago one of my clients was from Russia. I won’t try to mention his name, but he was a professional race car driver and was nick-named “The Mad Russian”. When he first came over to this country he decided to buy himself a nice boat. He has always been a hard core fisherman. So anyhow, he shopped around and bought himself a Blue Water boat.

    He then decided to go sturgeon fishing—he had heard a lot about these “monster-size” fish and knew he had to give it a try. Then he went to the local sporting goods store and bought all kinds of tackle and several rods and reels. After he got his gear together, he drove up above Bonneville Dam and proceeded to sturgeon fish.

    He had six fishing rods all rigged up and casted out with his rods all in pole holders. He said his boat looked like a “pork-u-pine”. He was having a field day constantly reeling in fish. He said before he could land a fish and release it, he would have another fish biting and he was having a BLAST.

    Meanwhile, he had noticed a gentleman watching him through binoculars, but he didn’t think anything of it, so he just kept on fishing. After he got done fishing that day, he was approached by a game officer. The officer asked him, “Don’t you know that you’re only supposed to use one rod at a time when catching sturgeon?” The Russian made a mistake by unknowingly saying, “But, officer, I was only reeling up one at a time.” Well, the officer thought the Russian was trying to be funny, so he wrote him up a ticket for $3000.00. Five hundred dollars per pole.

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