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    Suicidal Coho

    Just a few years ago a really good fisherman I know, Mr. Rathbun, was fishing at the mouth of the Columbia River in Oregon with a few of his friends. This river feeds into the ocean and is one of the top-producing salmon fisheries along the Pacific Coast. He had been fishing for Coho salmon, and the bite was off that day. Not many fish had been caught by any of the thousands of fishermen out on the water that nice, sunny day. As I said, I wouldn't want my long- time fishing buddy to know I'm saying good things about him, but he is an excellent fisherman. He was trying everything he could think of to get one of these bright chrome pink-meat fish to bite his hook.


    Mr. Rathbun was starting to get a bit frustrated; he and his friends had gotten an early start that morning, and it was getting close to evening time but still no fish in the boat. He had an open jet boat and was sitting in the back running his tiller-operated trolling motor. All of a sudden, a suicidal Coho salmon jumped out of the water like an uncontrollable missile and hit him in the chest, causing him to fall over backwards onto to the floor of the boat. Here he was wrestling with the fish on top him as he gasped for air and tried to get back on his feet. You should have seen this! I still get a good laugh every time I think of it. By the way, this Coho happened to be one of the few fish caught that day. My fishing buddy is a spirited fisherman, so he hasn't let this stop him from going back there and trying to catch more of these fish.

    Of course, I did offer to buy him a breastplate and hand-held shield for protection.


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