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    Have you seen a current advertisement offering a sale price for one of our trips?
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    Judy for booking at (503) 984-3437, or

    Willy at the Lunker Line to talk about all your fishing dreams. (425) 533-1785


    Fish do have a very great sense of smell, in fact it has been said that a fish’s sense of smell is six thousand times better than a human. Some fish such as Sturgeon have very poor eyesight, and find their food mostly by smell. Old timer’s have been using WD-40 on their bait for years. It is a very good idea-to “Match the Hatch” while fishing for Sturgeon or any other fish. Use a scent that closely matches what the fish are eating. Be careful when handling bait after touching such things as gas or outboard motor oil. This is a good way to keep fish from biting. It’s a good idea before you begin to fish to wash your hands with nonscented soap. Even the human scent on your bait can keep a fish from biting. I keep non-scented soap in my boat, tackle boxes and fishing vest.


    Something else I found to be real successful in my guide business is that I will take good firm Prawns that I use for spring Chinook and summer Steelhead and put them in a container and coat them with Sand-Shrimp scent, afterwards stick them in the refrigerator the night before going fishing. I have had really good luck catching Salmon and Steelhead by putting Sand-Shrimp scent on my lures or rubber eggs and flies. This fall Chinook year I have had great success over other fishermen who were using cluster eggs, when I was using rubber eggs with a few drops of Sand-Shrimp scent on them. Again, I feel that bottles of scent are a good investment for a fisherman to have. Good luck trying these ideas.

    Call ANYTIME for reservations or even just information.

    Lunker line:425-533-1785 "White Water" Willy

    You can also e-mail: wrayfox@gmail.com


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