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    Fisherman's Bloopers - Sturgeon

    It's finally time to let the cat out of the bag... speaking of sturgeon fishing. Back in 1984 when I first started guiding, the smelt run was very good on the Columbia River. The sturgeon fishing that year was also excellent. The sturgeon had followed the smelt runs up river from the ocean.

    At that time I was guiding on a part-time basis, while I worked a full time job at a Mercedes Dealership in Portland. My first guide boat was a 16 ft. flat bottom jet boat. It would hold 3 people comfortably.

    Anyhow when the weekend came around I had a trip booked with 2 customers and before the weekend rolled around like I said the sturgeon fishing had been great, especially that week before my trip. Anyhow we got up to Bonneville early that morning to do some fishing for those pre-historic monster sturgeon. There were a lot of boats out that weekend and we had anchored our boat up above them in a fishing hole that was 80 ft. deep. It just happened to be the day we went fishing that the catching was terrible. We hadn't seen a fish caught that whole day.

    At about 3:00 in the afternoon one of my clients finally hooked the first fish of the day, which drew a lot of attention from other fishermen. My client that hooked the first fish in my boat was about 6'3" 250 pounds. He set the hook on the fish and stated; "I had a big fish on“ The fish was taking lots of line off his reel, burning his thumbs, with the fish heading down river. I realized that there was no stopping this big fish. I told the customer to reel the fish in and hang on tight to his rod. As I was releasing our anchor rope to follow the fish down river I started up the boat motor to follow the fish. The fish was heading down river and taking out more line, swimming from one side of the river to the other trying to escape.

    As the customer was trying to real in that monster I was maneuvering the boat in such a way so as to keep the fish from getting tangled around other boaters anchor ropes and fishing lines which was no easy task! I might ad since they had been anchored below us, all of the fishermen around us just knew we had a big and knew I was a guide because of the advertising on the side of my boat.

    The big guy who was reeling in the fish after twenty minutes of playing the fish said he was exhausted and told the other guy in my boat to finish reeling in the fish.
    After my other client played the fish for another twenty to twenty five minutes finally got that BIG MONSTER up to the boat. Both fishermen in my boat had worn themselves out reeling in "the BIG MONSTER" But what the other boaters didn't realize was we had hooked and landed about a six foot around patio umbrella that had been opened up in the water and the current had taken it down river like a parachute.

    By this time we were out of range of the other boaters so none of them saw our “catch". The other boaters assumed we caught the "big one" of the day. The guy that caught the umbrella kept his "catch" because he figured since it was in such good shape it would be worth at least fifty bucks. Even though we weren't able to tag it. This was no catch and release.

    To this day we're still thought of as the only ones on the river that day that caught the "BIG ONE“ of the day.

    The moral of this story?? I lost my customer to Mary Poppins.

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